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Our Background

Meka Recruitment is a family-owned and operated company that has providing recruitment services since 2018. Initially focused on the construction sector, we have since expanded our services to clients throughout QLD and nationally. Our strong focus on finding the right people for our clients has helped us grow and establish offices in various locations.

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Start of Meka Recruiment 

Meka Initially had a strong focus on construction when we first started, this was working in the commercial construction space. As it was a startup it was a home based business with only a few clients.


Moved Into an office!

Meka Recruitment moved into a shared office space, and continued to grow the business offering external HR support to a hotel chain. In doing this we saved the company $10,000 a fortnight in wages across the board. This was done by implementing strategic onboarding and rostering, achieving the same results with less overheads. 

2020 to now 

Post Covid 

Covid affected Meka Recruitment and nearly ended the business, however, after covid Meka Recruitment became one of the leading recruitment agencies in Brisbane hiring more staff and opening 2 more office locations. 

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